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Being a person who loves playing games, surely you have heard at least once about io games. This is a quite new video game genre and offers players a big io game world, where they can play and compete with many other real players from around the world. In the huge world of io games, the achievement is very important. And there, all players have the same objective - become the most powerful player and write their name on the leaderboard. With simple but addictive gameplay, the high degree of competition, and cute graphics, these io games rapidly conquered the heart of millions of players around the world. In order to serve the demand of player, was gathered and provided you with so many interesting io games to play and enjoy. Below is detailed information about this game genre and a long list of all best io games that you should try at least once. Follow us to learn more!


What are io games?

Because the name of these games is quite strange - io games, so lots of people wonder definition of io game. In fact, this is a new genre of online game that is emerging from the success of two very popular games named as and It can say simply about the definition of this game genre is that: All MMO games that are available to play on the web and have io tag (games that end with io tag) are called as io games. In addition, the general mantra of this game genre is keeping the game's mechanics very simple, suitable with basic graphics and ability to play in multiplayer mode at the click of a mouse. With these key features, this game genre allows players to feel a high level of satisfaction.


As mentioned above, the general feature of io games is simple mechanics. Being the simple flash games, these games have to keep the game mechanics so simple to allow multiplayer to play these games at the same time. For this reason, typically, the gameplay of io games is very simple. However, the attraction of these games lies in the high degree of competition. Jump into the world of io games, you will have to compete directly with millions of players from around the world and try your best to be top 1 on the leaderboard. Moreover, your achievement won't be forever because other guys can beat you anytime. Besides that, another typical feature of this game genre is that a powerful player also can be defeated by a small and weakness player. This feature makes io games become so attractive, especially with newbies because it increases the competition and equity of games. In addition, play with friend is also a key feature makes this game genre become so attractive with players. In general, most io games offer simple but high competition gameplay. They allow players to play and compete face to face with many other players or friends for the primary goal is writing the name on the leaderboard.

Popular types of io games


Card game io is a popular type of io game that consists of all card games that was created in io version. In fact, these games are based on the classic card games but improved to play in multiplayer mode. In these games, players will be able to invite friends to join the match, or share high score, etc. Of course, they have the key features of a typical io game and so attractive by their high degree of competition. In general, card games io are new and more competition card games that were inspired by the classic version. With people who love card games, let's try these games in io version, surely you will find lots of new interesting things.


Io games Upgrades are also a familiar type of io games that attract thousands of gamers. Normally, in these games, players will control an avatar or character, complete all the mission, and try to upgrades or level up this avatar to join the game more. These upgrades include skills, ability, appearance, etc. After upgrading, the avatar will become more powerful and can complete the harder quests. With the ability to upgrade character and many more challenging missions that are waiting, upgrades io game is so interesting to play and enjoy. Some prominent games in this genre are, Farmerz,,, etc.


Zombie io games are also a popular type of io game genre but only focus on the zombie theme. In these games, players are usually set in the role of a character that has to fight against zombies. In detail, they may have to build tower or defense structures to protect humanity from the attacks of zombies or take the gun to shoot down all of them. The gameplay of this type of game is very rich and there are several prominent zombie io games such as,,,, etc. In general, zombie io games includes all io games that relate to zombies.


Multiplayer io games are io games that offer multiplayer mode. In fact, most io games offer this feature, but it's still classified into a type of io games because some card io games don't offer this feature.


This is a common type of io game that I extremely love playing. When mentioning this type of game, we can't ignore some prominent names such as,, etc. They are so excellent and attractive. Usually, in survival io games, players will be put in a dangerous scene in which, they have to do their best to survival as long as possible. In this type of game, the competition element is lower than other io games. Instead of that, players will tend to cooperate together much more.


Snake io games are so popular in this game genre after the success of - a typical io game. Based on mechanics of the classic snake game and, there are lots of other interesting snake io games were released. Typically, in these games, players will also control a snake with the main mission is to eat and grow as big as possible. In general, this type of game is very similar to However, if you want to challenge yourself in a new world, they are the great choice for you.


Another popular type of io games that we can't miss is shooting io game. This type of game is so familiar with us because there are so many game titles in this genre were released. Of course, shooting games always attract the attention of thousands of players and the shooting games in io version are also like that. Usually, in these games, players will use a gun to shoot enemies, zombies, or any other types of opponents. Like other normal shooting games, players will interact and navigate the environment from the first or third-person perspective. However, in the world of io games, the competition is always fierce between players.


3D io games are all io games that offer 3D graphics. This type of game is quite large and consists of various themes. Some interesting 3D io games that you should try are Not,, or, etc.


This is also considered as a special type of shooting io games because they are mainly about shooting enemies. The special point is that the vehicle that players use in these games is a tank. Some remarkable tank io games that we need to mention are,,,, etc.

Io games unblocked

You know that playing games with other real players or with friends is so interesting and excited. Io games are so famous for the ability to play with many other players or invite friends and compete for each other. For this reason, io games are so attractive with so many players especially students. However, playing games at school is very difficult when most of these areas block the gaming sites. So, playing io games unblocked is the best way to enjoy these games at school. But where? Easily, right on This is a special site that provides players with all io games unblocked. In this site, you can find out dozens of interesting io games from all genres. All of them are unlocked games that allow you to enjoy right at your school.

Some frequently asked questions

what does .io mean in games?

.io is short for word of input/output and ccTLD for British Indian Ocean Territory. This is a type of domain and in games, all the games use this domain called io games. Exactly, .io is a video game genre in which players will complete the game quests while competing with many other players to gain the first position on the leaderboard of the game. IO games became popular after the success of and games.

How to make io games?

In fact, creating a good .io game isn't a simple task. First of all, you need to have an interesting game concept and plan how to tackle the mine-field that is multiplayer networking - the core feature of io games. After that, it's the time to start writing code for the game. That's all about how to make io games but when doing this job, you will realize that it isn't an easy work. You need to refer to many resources to improve your knowledge and learn how to solve the trouble when doing. Some useful resources that you can refer to are Valve Multiplayer Networking, GafferOnGames, GabrielGambetta, Nengi, IOGrid, and They consist of all the basic knowledge you need to know to create a good io game.

How many io games are there?

At this time, there are total over 100 io games within the genre and more are being released almost daily.

Why are io games so popular?

As you can see, io games became so popular after the release date of and In fact, it isn't difficult to know the reason. IO games with simple but interesting gameplay are so attractive. They are very easy to play but hard to become the most powerful player because the rivalry is too high. Moreover, playing with friends is also a prominent feature makes these games become more attractive.

How to play io games at school?

In order to play io games at school, you need to select the io games unblocked. is a trusted site that provides all the best io unblocked games, so if you love io games, this is the best place for you.

Who made io games?

There are so many io games and each one was created by a different developer. However, the first developer of this game genre (it may not the first but I'm sure that he has a big effect on the history of io games) is Matheus Valadares. He is a young Brazilian developer and the author of typical io game -

Why are io games so laggy?

Although developers try to optimize mechanics and gameplay to reduce laggy, io games are still so laggy. The reason is that these games are multiplayer games. This means there are lots of players will access game at the same time and it makes these games so lag.

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